What We Do

We are an impact investing consulting company.

How We Do It

We create programs and platforms that maximize your impact, meet your financial expectations, and work towards scale.

Meet the Team

Our custom approaches include:

Impact Strategy Design

Are you looking to redesign an existing program or developing something new? We’ll create a plan that’s aligned with your organizational mission. Our support includes:
  • Developing organization-wide impact objectives.
  • Identifying the right milestones and creating a plan to measure them.
  • Assessing your strengths, limitations, and unique value-add to identify the right social finance models to explore.
  • Identifying diverse partners to help you create solutions (or iterate on ideas you already have).

Investment Strategy Design

Identifying the right impact investing products can be challenging. Building a thoughtful investment strategy will help you identify what type of investments you should make – and any constraints you may face in doing so. We can help by:
  • Crafting an investment thesis and an Investment Policy Statement.
  • Exploring the right portfolio allocation, across asset classes, based on your risk and return expectations.
  • Helping you identify the right managers and intermediaries to take your investment activity to the next level.
  • Designing a way to integrate grantmaking with your new investment tools.

Internal Stakeholder Training

To sustain these new ways of thinking we all need to understand the concepts we’re championing. And we know that the learning journey is a long and continuous process. With our deep experience in this space, this work entails:
  • Working with your Board, Investment Committee, or senior leadership to understand various impact investing and social finance concepts.
  • Serving as an ongoing advisor to your firm as you identify, design, and test new ideas.
  • Helping to connect you with other catalytic organizations that can amplify your work.

Thought Leadership Strategy

In such a dynamic field, thought leadership is a powerful tool to elevate your impact, highlight your expertise, and break into new markets. Based on our understanding of the existing landscape, our support includes:
  • Identifying technical thought leadership gaps in the ecosystem, primed for your expertise.
  • Creating a plan for what you should say, how you say it, and who should hear it.
  • Maintaining rigor to ensure that what you say means something.