The way we think about effective service delivery in the impact investing sector is shifting. This transition to a virtual world – in an industry that defines itself as delivering real, tangible progress towards broad systemic problems – is both a challenge and an opportunity. For many service-oriented small businesses there’s an outsized opportunity to deliver value in a unique way. But this virtual domain also highlights the very real need – and pressure – to do right by our customers, clients, and teams.

We are joined by a panel of small business leaders working in impact investing, including Will Jacobsen (Kiva), Jenn Kenning (Align Impact), Chintan Panchal (RPCK) and David Press (Confluence Partners) who dig in on:

  • How small businesses can deliver high impact in a crisis (and are we best suited to do this?)

  • How we can leverage this moment to focus even further on our clients

  • What necessary pivots our organizations have had to make, and how we should maintain them

  • And what opportunities impact investing creates – or complicates – in sticking to our mission

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