Impact Measurement and Management – IMM – has often been ignored as a too-complex exercise within impact investing. But in the last several years, new frameworks, standards and tools have emerged to make IMM more accessible for a range of actors. In turn, investors and allocators have begun to demand tangible proof that their capital is making meaningful change.

As #COVID19 continues to crunch resources and increase urgency, measurement offers a way to aid decision makers in choosing where, when and how to deploy capital.

Join our panel of IMM experts, including Karim Harji (University of Oxford), Christina Leijonhufvud (Tideline) and Ellen Carey Maginnis (Impact Measurement and Management Consultant) moderated by Rehana Nathoo (Spectrum Impact) as we dig in on:

  • The evolution of IMM, moving from intention to integrity

  • The increasing importance of verification

  • The difference between IMM practice vs. process and how we should distinguish between the two

  • And insights on how to effectively embark on an IMM journey